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Born in Brazil (1983), Jaq Lisboa is an artist, architect, set- and costume-designer. She lives in Germany since 2005. A woman of Afro-Indigenous descent, she grew up in the Amazon region in the urban context of the city of Belém, in the state of Pará, where the forest has the highest rate of deforestation and where environmental activists have their lives threatened. Life among rivers, concrete, forest, beauty, violence, diaspora has shaped her political, poetic, social, environmental and artistic vision. She sees art and spirituality as a single manifestation, based on her ancestry. She mixes the material and the invisible, translating through performances and installations the concerns that her body and spirit carry, always dialoguing with the environment that permeates her.

Portfolio_Jaq Lisboa

CV_Jaq Lisboa


2020 - Visual arts. Diploma with distinction. Braunschweig University of Arts.

2019-2020 - Visual arts study. Exchange in México-City. University “La Esmeralda”. Mexico.

2013 - Architecture. Diploma. Leibniz Universität Hannover. Germany.

2010-2011 - Architecture. Exchange in Italy. University Politecnico di Milano. Milan. Italy.



2024 - Shortlisted for Wi Di Mimba Wi Prize. Savvy Contemporary, Berlin.Germany.

2023 - #TakeHeart Residency Grant, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Neustart Kultur, Germany.

2022 - Competition, Art in Public Space. LED-screen at the build from Volksbank BraWo. Braunschweig. Germany.

2021 -  Kickstarter grant for graduates, Kunstfonds Stiftung. Germany. 2020  Grant (STIBET I - DAAD), for international students. Germany.

2019 - Prize DAAD. Germany.

2016 - Prize, Art and Architecture (Kunst am Bau). Handwerkskammer Braunschweig-Lüneburg Stade. Germany.


Group exhibitions

2023 - Herbstausstellung Hannover. Kunstverein Hannover. Germany

2023 - Prague Quadrennial of Performance, Design and Space. Prag. Tschechischen Republik.

2023 - Do Sul ao Norte Global: Fluxos criativos de corpas dissidentes. Goethe-Institut Porto Alegre. Brazil.

2022 - Menu Mani. Changing Room Berlin. Germany.

2021 - Sestiere di Venezia, Venedig, Italy.

2020 - Vuela, vuela. Zona de Desgaste, Mexico-city. Mexico.

2019 - Auf_begehren / On_desire. Galerie vom Zufall und vom Glück, Hannover. Germany.

2019 - SIN ISLA DAN ISLA. TOPO 634 Kollek3v. Lago Onega 424, Mexico-city. Mexico.

2019 - ONE AND AN OTHER ARE ANOTHER. ad /ad – Projekt Space, Hannover. Germany.

2018 - Fremd-Anamnesis. S3llpoint Space, Berlin. Germany.

2018 - Monuments for a Patch of Grass. Schlossgarten, Wolfsburg. Germany.

2018 - EMAF Experience. Theater Passage, Osnabrück. Germany.

2017 - TURBA CUX. Künstlerhaus im Schlossgarten, Cuxhaven. Germany.

2017 - Pro oder Kontra. Burg Galerie im Volkspark, Burg Giebichenstein Halle (Saale). Germany.

2016 - Aufsicht / Raumspiel. Konsumverein, Braunschweig. Germany.


Solo exhibition

2023 - How to be an artist like me? Sprengel Museum + Feinkunst. Hannover.Germany.



2023 - ENA Residency/Mentoring with Eustáquio Neves. Diamantina, Minas Gerais. Brazil.

2023 - Take Heart Research Residency. PactZollverein. Essen. Germany.

2022 - Programa Pororoca. São Paulo. Brazil.

2024 - Kunstverein Röderhof. Germany.

2024 - Villa Ruffieux. Switzerland.

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