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Hydro-Healing Research


In my research Hydro-Healing I want to open space for a search of artistic procedures that allow us possible healings through water. I seek to understand the element of water through my personal knowledge in combination with other sources of knowledge. 


I will deepen my research on issues related to water based on my experiences with other people, expanding my research beyond the human, to other living beings, real or imagined. I will seek to know about plants that need more or less water. I will dive into research about deep waters to learn more about beings that inhabit the farthest reaches of oceans and rivers. I will bring to light legends related to this element.


I want to interview people about their experiences with water, which can be good or bad, since this element brings different facets, it quenches thirst, but if we drink too much, it kills us, water is a welcome and a threat at the same time. I am looking for dialogues with different human bodies about their experiences with water. What kind of memories, desires, dreams, fantasies, traumas, utopias, fears, sensations, etc. do these people bring with them.


This element constitutes eighty percent of our body, before we are born we start our lives in water inside the belly of those who gave birth to us. We can go days without food, but not without water. Water is the essential element for our survival and that of many beings on this planet. To connect with water is to connect with nature and our origins. 


The planet is composed of seventy percent water, but only one percent is fit for consumption. Water does not respect human boundaries, rivers and oceans are in continuous movement. What can we learn from water and how?

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