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Performance- Ritual, photography, video 


'Incentívora' is a spiritual, supernatural entity, an incorporeal and self-aware substance that can access our earthly bodies. I am a Brazilian of Afro-Indigenous descent and I deal with themes related to these ancestries. In Afro-Brazilian religions, an entity is a spirit that has reached a spiritual evolution and is allowed to communicate with human beings, playing the role of counsellor and advisor. These spiritual entities bring messages and they speak through the body of the people who embody it. 

'Icentívora' involves performance-ritual, video and photography. 'Incentívora' is a character that arises from my research on 'Contemporary Entities', she is a spiritual entity that addresses contemporary political, social, environmental and gender issues. I activate her in the surroundings together with the local population in the places I visit. The activation encompasses a performance-ritual and results in photographic and video records that I present in the form of an installation. 

'Incentívora' is a contemporary spiritual entity and addresses themes related to femininity and the preservation of nature. In a world where female sexuality is taboo, mainly because society is still fixed in a patriarchal and sexist system, this character breaks standards and conducts. She is the owner of her own destiny. She is averse to social conventions and thirsts for justice. She is an entity linked to nature, sent by mother earth that seeks to help us reconnect with it, she invites us to open our eyes to visualize the destructions of our achievements on this planet. 

In my artistic process I create 'Contemporary Entities' to access conversations and reflections with the public on relevant topics of our society. I create spiritual and emotional experiences inside the artistic context. In my indigenous ancestry the spiritual and artistic go together. 'Incentívora' is the second entity I imagined, the first was 'Entidad Nomada' which was born in an artistic residency in Mexico. 

'Incentívora' was born in Brazil in early 2023 on a tour of the mountains. I created a story and a costume for this entity, invited the local population, from the territories I visited to activate it. The activations are not limited to the Brazilian territory, because the objective of this entity is to access nature in different territories of the planet. For nature there are no borders and unfortunately for its destruction neither. The reflection on how we deal with nature must be global, all territories are under threat. For the entity 'Incentívora' there are also no borders and its action goes beyond the territory where it was born, it seeks to aggregate and collaborate with other people from different locations for a common good. 

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